Icebergs of Disko Bay

This trip is a chance to become an Artic Explorer and uncover the highlights of Disko Bay from icebergs and whales to glaciers and islands. Our carefully designed itinerary is fully flexible and customizable whether you want to go hiking in the footsteps of famous explorers, on an Inuit fishing excursion or sea-kayaking among whales and icebergs...


  • Jour 1 Ilulissat

    Ilulissat Welcome to Greenland! Transfer from airport to you accommodation in Ilulissat. Located approximately 220 miles north of the Arctic Circle it is an interesting town - it has as many sled dogs as people!

    Suggested activities: Walking tour of Ilulissat
    Accommodation: Hostel or hotel

  • Jour 2 Ilulissat / Oqaatsut (Rodebay)

    Ilulissat / Oqaatsut (Rodebay) 10.00am boat trip to the tiny traditional settlement of Oqaatsut and its coloured houses. Located 15km north of Ilulissat on a peninsula facing the island of Disko this picturesque village has only about 40 inhabitants. Take time to explore this delightful village at the end of the world with its traditional Inuit culture, stunning scenery and friendly locals. This afternoon you can go hiking or sea-kayaking with an English speaking expert guide to further explore this area.

    Transport: 25-30 minute boat trip, Ilulissat - Oqaatsut, Disko Bay
    Suggested activities: Explore Oqaatsut & go hiking. Book sea-kayaking with English guide from 280 € / person
    Accommodation: Hotel

  • Jour 3 Oqaatsut / Ilulissat

    Oqaatsut / Ilulissat Today you have time to fully explore this stunning area before your boat to Ilulissat at 7.30pm. We recommend hiking, marked trails from your accommodation lead to beautiful views of Greenlands rugged scenery including lakes, tundra & mountains; ice formations, the sea and small Inuit huts.

    Transport: 25-30 minute boat trip, Oqaatsut - Ilulissat, Disko Bay
    Suggested activities: Explore Oqaatsut & hiking
    Accommodation: Hostel or hotel

  • Jour 4 Cruising Disko Bay / Eqi Glacier / Victor Port

    Cruising Disko Bay / Eqi Glacier / Victor Port Today your boat leaves at 7:00am for the famous Eqi Glacier, an early start but a truly spectacular day, Cruise through the ice-filled waters of Ilulissat Icefjord (UNESCO World Heritage Site), a truly unique place with icebergs of all shapes and sizes. After 4 hours of sailing your boat will arrive at Eqi Glaciers enormous ice wall. Here a snack served whilst you observe a truly spectaular show of rumbling blocks of ice breaking free from the glacier and splashing into the waters below. The boat docks at Port Victor, where you will disembark and find your accommodation for the night, a charming chalet with panoramic views of the glacier.

    Transport: 7 hour boat trip, Ilulissat to Eqi Glacier & Port Victor
    Suggested activities: Boat trip
    Accommodation: Chalet

  • Jour 5 Hiking in the footsteps of polar explorers

    Hiking in the footsteps of polar explorers Today, an English speaking expert guide can lead you on a spectacular hiking adventure in accordance with the conditions, your hiking fitness and motivations. There are endless hiking options here in one of the most wild and remote places in the world.

    There is a truly special full day hike which follows the footsteps of the famous the French polar explorers who first ventured here in the 1940s up to the ice sheet. (This option is available in June, July and August from €170 per person)

    There are also several half-day and shorter options to explore the varied zones of the wild region around Eqi glacier. You cantraverse the river delta, observe icebergs stranded on sand and go hiking at the foot of the imposing Eqi Glacier where seals play and sunbathe.

    Suggested activities: Hiking with an English speaking expert guide (prices vary depending on length & difficulty)
    Additional options: Mini expedition, you can embark on a 2 day guided hike with a night camping, conditions permitting, this could be a night camping on the ice cap (please request when booking)
    Accommodation: Chalet

  • Jour 6 Victor Port / Ilulissat

    Victor Port / Ilulissat Final morning at Eqi Glqcier to explore the area at leisure before an afternoon boat back to Ilulissat. We are sure you will find the return journey just as spectacular as you cruise through iceberg-filled waters.

    Transport: 7 hour boat trip, Port Victor & Eqi Glacier to Ilulissat
    Suggested activities: Sight-seeing, boat trip
    Accommodation: Hostel or hotel

  • Jour 7 Ilulissat / Qeqertarsuaq

    Ilulissat / Qeqertarsuaq Today a local ferry will take you across Disko Bay to the island of Disko (also called Qeqertarsuaq). Disko Bay is known as the sea of ice but it is said that during the summer months there are more whales than icebergs here! Keep your eyes open, particularly for humpback whales, as the ferry weaves between icebergs and heads towards the impressive 1000m cliffs of Qeqertarsuaq. Depending on your desires, after finding your accommodation, we suggest a walk to a 'look-out' observation spot in the south of the island where you can observe whales, other marine life and spectacular views.

    Transport: 2 1/2 hour boat trip across Disko Bay
    Suggested activities: Sight-seeing, boat trip
    Accommodation: Hostel

  • Jour 8 Disko Island

    Disko Island Today is a day to explore Disko Island as you wish. Free hikes from your accommodation can lead you to some of the island’s most impressive features. You can explore Blaesedalen ‘the U-shaped valley of the winds’ with its numerous waterfalls; discover beaches with icebergs which have run aground and explore Kuannit with its fields, hot springs and volcanic cliffs.

    If you are looking for something challenging, you can hike up to Lyngmark Glacier: here, not only is there a breathtaking panorama view of the entire island but also the only dog sledding opportunity in summer in Greenland!

    Suggested activities: Hiking
    Additional options: Lyngmark Glacier walking and dog sledding excursions (1-2 day excursions possible), hiking to Osterlien with its warm springs and angelica, whale watching safari
    Accommodation: Hostel

  • Jour 9 Qeqertarsuaq / Ilulissat

    Qeqertarsuaq / Ilulissat We are sure that your boat trip back across Disko Bay to Ilulissat will be just as special as the first trip across - don't forget to look out for whales! You have this afternoon to explore Ilulissat at leisure, we have lots of recommendations and optional excursions for your last day in Greenland.
    - Guided tour of Ilulissat city
    - Guided hiking in the Semermiut Valley, a sacred place where Inuits settled more than 3000 years ago
    - Helicopter flight over the glacier hich covers most of the northern hemisphere in ice
    - A Greenlandic fishing excursion
    - Whale-watching outing, picnic included
    Please see a full list of Optional Activities under 'Dates & Prices'

    Transport: 2 1/2 hour boat trip across Disko Bay
    Choose from a selection of activity options
    Accommodation: Hostel or hotel

  • Jour 10 Farewell Greenland

    Farewell Greenland Transfer to airport

This itinerary, including walking distances and times, is indicative and fully flexible.

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Période & budget

Quand voyager ?

La meilleure période pour voyager est la suivante :

janv. févr. mars avr. mai juin juil. août sept. oct. nov. déc.


Trip prices are based on 2 travellers.
Standard accommodation options from €1995 per person
Add luxury accommodation options from +€700

Ce budget est indiqué par personne, selon disponibilité. Votre agent local vous fera parvenir un devis personnalisé avec le prix exact. En effet, ce dernier peut varier en fonction de plusieurs éléments (disponibilité, niveaux de prestations, période, nb de participants, délai de réservation et bien d’autres encore).

Le prix comprend

  • 4 nights accommodation in Ilulissat (hotel or youth hostel accommodation options available)
  • Return boat trip from Ilulissat to Eqi Glacier & Victor Port (breakfast, lunch and snacks on board depending on the time)
  • 2 nights in a double chalet overlooking Eqi Glacier with breakfast
  • Return boat trip Ilulissat / Rodebay (25-30 minute trip each way)
  • Return boat trip Ilulissat / Qeqertarsuaq (2 1/2 hours each way)
  • 1 night hotel accommodation in Oqaatsut, double room, shared bathroom, breakfast included
  • 2 nights hostel accommocation in Qeqertarsuaq, double room, shared bathroom, breakfast included
  • If you choose hotel accommodation in Ilulissat, breakfasts in Ilulissat and airport transfers will also be included

Le prix ne comprend pas

  • Registration free: €18 per person
  • Flights & airport transfers*
  • Breakfasts in Ilulissat are not included*
  • Dinners and lunches are not included unless otherwise specified (please see 'Food' section for more information)
*If you choose hotel accommodation in Ilulissat, breakfasts and airport transfers will be included.

Additional Options
Prices listed in euros are to be paid with the trip total before departure. Prices listed in DKK are to be paid locally. Please contact us for more information about activities for which 'prices vary'. Please let us know if you would like to reserve any of the following optional activities:
  • Ilulissat Museum: from €8 Greenlandic meal in traditional restaurant: from €30
  • Oqaatsut sea-kayaking excursion with an English speaking expert guide, all equipment included: from €280 per person
  • Eqi Glacier Mini expedition: you can embark on a 2 day guided hike with a night camping, conditions permitting, this could be a night camping on the ice cap Lyngmark
  • Glacier walking and dog sledding excursions on Disko Island: 1-2 day excursions possible, prices vary
  • Guided hiking to Osterlien, Disko Island, with warm springs and angelica: from €44
  • Disko Island whale watching safari: prices vary
  • Guided tour of Ilulissat city: €44
  • Guided hiking in the Semermiut Valley: from €44
  • Helicopter flight over the glacier hich covers most of the northern hemisphere in ice: from €493
  • A Greenlandic fishing excursion: from €274
  • Whale-watching outing, picnic included: from €158
  • A three hour evening kayaking excursion: from €210


Comfortable Accommodation
Well-equipped accommodation options like basic hotels or charming guesthouses are rated 4/5 for comfort. Please note that depending on the destination this does not necessarily guarantee private bathroom and kitchen facilities.
Luxury Accommodation
Our luxury trips include hotel accommodation with private rooms and en-suite options.
This is your trip, you can choose how challenging or relaxing each day is.

Conditions de paiement et d'annulation

Booking conditions

Booking a trip with us implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale. Each customer is required to complete a registration form and, subject to availability at the time of registration, travellers are expected to pay a deposit of 30% of the total price to complete their booking. Payments can be made online or by bank transfer. You will receive an e-mail with your booking confirmation.

Invoice procedure

Once your booking is confirmed you will receive an invoice by e-mail. The full balance of the trip must be received at least 35 days before your departure date.
For Polar Cruises, we require a deposit on the day of registration, 30% of the balance 3 months before departure and the full amount at least 45 days before departure. If registration is less than 35 days before departure then an invoice will be attached to this travel contract and the full amount must be paid upon registration. If registration is less than 15 days before departure, payment is only accepted by credit card or cash. If registration is less than 8 days before departure you may be charged an additional free for sending your ticket. If the full balance of the trip has not arrived 35 days before departure, Altaï Greenland reserves the right to cancel your registration without compensation.

Cancellation policy

If for any reason you have to cancel your trip we require a written confirmation of your decision so please contact us by e-mail, fax or letter.The money you have paid will then be refunded according to the following deductions:
  • Cancellation received more than 30 days before the departure date: 15% of trip price will be retained
  • Cancellation received 30 to 21 days before the departure date: 45% of trip price will be retained
  • Cancellation  received within 20 days of the departure date: 100% of trip price will be retained
If we have to cancel a departure due to an insufficient number of participants, you will be informed no later than 21 days before departure and a full refund will be issued, you will not be entitled to further compensation. We reserve the rights to cancel departures due to exceptional circumstances which may impact the safety of participants. Such circumstances may include those amounting to 'force majeure' in which case participants will receive a full refund but they will not be entitled to any compensation.

Changes to travel contract

If you wish to make a change to your booking please contact us in writing. If your change is requested after our confirmation has been issued and more than 30 days prior to the departure date, your change will be subject to an amendment fee of 45€. If you request a change within 30 days of departure it will be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and will be subject to cancellation charges.


The prices on our website are updated regularly and all of the prices we advertise are accurate when published. We reserve the rights to make changes to any of these prices. Before you make a booking we will give you the up-to-date price of your chosen holiday including any supplements, upgrades or additional activities you may have requested. If the number of travellers is fewer than the indicated number of participants on the website, a small group surcharge may be applied. For all of our trips we include details of services, prices and what is/is not included but please be aware that changes to the prices may be necessary in accordance with exchange rates or price changes of various components of the journey.

Contract transfer

If you are unable to travel for any reason, you can transfer your booking to another person, subject to the following conditions:
a) you must notify us in writing
b) the transferee must fulfil any conditions that apply to the booking
c) Change and cancellation fees apply
Both the transferor and transferee will be jointly and severally liable for payment of the total holiday price and other associated expenses. Some airline carriers treat name changes as cancellations and you may be required to pay for the cost of a new ticket.


We strongly recommend that you take out personal travel insurance for your trip with Altaï Greenland as soon as your booking is confirmed. We advice you to purchase a travel insurance policy which covers flight cancellations, luggage loss and emergency health care. Please look carefully at which activities are covered by your insurer and do not forget to bring all necessary documents and information with you (name of the company, name of the contract, insurance policy number, telephone number...)

Infos pratiques


This is a self-guided trip. Armed with an abundance of experience and a wealth of expert knowledge our professional Greenland team are always on hand. All activities are lead by our qualified guides - all English speaking outdoor practitioners with a passion for everything Greenlandic. Please note that this adventure takes place in an isolated polar environment which can be hostile - safety rules must be followed.


The standard version of this trip includes 7 breakfasts, and one lunch. The luxury version includes all breakfasts and some of our additional optional excurions include meals.

Food is not provided at the youth hostel but there is a fully equiped kitchen. You will find shops, markets, small cafes and restaurants nearby (~260DKK per meal). We recommend a budget of ~150DKK per day if you intend to buy food from local supermarkets and we recommend checking out the local fish market 'Brættet' found near to the hostel.
If you choose hotel accommodation in Ilulissat, breakfasts and airport transfers will be included.

You can try fresh Greenlandic food and eat at the restaurant H8 (~220DKK per meal)

Boat Trips
Between Ilulissat and Port Victor (Eqi Glacier) breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served according to the time.

Eqi Glacier
Cafe Victor serves buffet or BBQ style local dinners (~350DKK). Here you can try delicacies such as reindeer, musk-ox, cod and halibut. You can also purchase picnic or buffet style lunches (~70 - 130DKK).


Hostel accommodation near the city center, shops and the port - simple yet comfortable accommodation with shared facilities. You will have access to the kitchen, a telephone, washing machine and a living room with a TV. Our luxury accommodation hotel accommodation with private facilities, breakfasts and airport transfers are also included.

Double room hotel accommodation, shared toilets. The rooms are spacious and nicely decorated and there is a kitchen / dining room with breakfast served until 9.30am. There is a large terrace with views of the site and a washing machine available in the village.

Accommodation in a lodge facing the glacier. You can choose from standard or more luxurious chalets (1-4 persons). The standard chalets have toilets and washbasins and the more luxurious chalets have their own bathroom and toilet facilities. There is also a café restaurant here where breakfast is provided and you can choose from a great selection of local foods for lunch and dinner.

Déplacement et portage

In Greenland we use local boats, specially adapted for ice navigation, to cross fjords. For the boat trip to Eqi we use 3 differents vessels for 60, 36 or 12 passagers.

Budget et change

The currency in Greenland is the Danish Krone (DKK)
Please budget for:
  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • We recommend a budget of around 2000DKK for food on this trip but this is widely variable. This number is based on a mixture of restaurant and supermarket food options. Alcohol is very expensive in Greenland, if you want to enjoy an evening drink after your days adventures, we recommend buying Duty Free alcohol in the airport.

Equipement fourni sur place

If you choose to participate in activities which require specialist equipment (like kayaking) all technical equipment will be provided.


We prefer that you do not wear cotton clothing, including underwear, when participating in activities. When cotton gets wet from water or sweat it ceases to insulate and it does not dry fast. The best materials for outdoor activities are fast drying materials like polyester or materials which are warm when wet like wool. The most powerful materials against the wind and rain are 'breathable' materials like Gore-Tex or Nikwax.

Our advice for keeping warm
Winter in Greenland can be very cold, please think carefully about what clothes you bring, although we will provide warm outer layers, the layers you wear next to your skin make the biggest difference. We recommend:
  • No cotton
  • Bring dry spares of everything, even underwear and gloves
  • Wear multiple layers including:
    1. A warm breathable base layer
    2. A second thermal layer
    3. Wind and waterproof protective out layer (we provide an additional quality jacket and over trousers)


Please bring a small rucksack to use as a day bag. You can bring this as hand luggage on the aeroplane. You will carry your lunch, water, spare layers and any personal medication with you each day in this bag. You will also need a larger bag to store your other clothes and belongings in, please ensure that this is a soft bag like a ruckack or holdall rather than a hard cased suitcase because it is more practical. We recommend packing all of your clothes in plastic bags so that they stay dry in the event of bad weather.


Your guide is a trained first-aider and will carry a full first aid kit at all times during the trip. We recommend that you bring a small personal first aid kit containing any medication you may need such as inhalers, plasters, antiseptic and painkillers.


Most travellers require a passport that is valid for at least three months after the return date. It is your responsibility to confirm your specific passport requirements and please be aware that proof of onwards travel may be required.


Most travellers do not need a VISA to travel to Greenland but proof of onwards travel may be required. It is your responsibility to confirm your specific visa requirements.

Vaccins obligatoires

There are no specific health risks.

Santé / recommendations sanitaires

It is your responsibility to check that your personal health insurance covers everything in this trip. A consultation with your doctor is a prerequisite for any trip.


Year round the temperatures in Greenland can range from -25°C to more than 20°C (-13°F to +68°F). The air is low in humidity which means that the temperatures do not feel as cold as you might imagine and that the views are amazing, it appears that you can see further. Generally speaking Greenland is not very windy and the warmest months are June - August.

The length of the day varies significantly throughout the year. The shortest day of the year is 21st December with no sunlight! The longest day, with 24 hours of sunlight, is 20th June. You can see the midnight sun from May - July and the Northern Lights in the darker months.


Greenland uses Northern European electrical standards (50Hz/220 volts)  and the standard Europlug socket with two round prongs.

Heure locale

Most of Greenland uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)/ Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) -3; most areas use Daylight Saving Time (DST).


Area: 836,300 mi²
Population: 56,186 inhabitants (2016)
Capital: Nuuk
Languages: Kalaallisut or West Greenlandic, Danish is also widely used
Regime: Part of the Kingdom of Denmark but politically autonomous

Part of the continent of North America, Greenland is the largest island on Earth and it is covered by the largest ice sheet in the world outside of antarctica.

Tourisme responsable

As adventure and wilderness travel experts who run trips to some of the most remote parts of the world, we take responsible tourism very seriously.

We respect the ‘Leave No Trace’ outdoor ethical code and try to explore this beautiful location whilst causing minimal environmental damage.

The Leave No Trace policy can be summarized in 7 simple steps which we hope you will follow during ourtrip...
  1. Be prepared
  2. Stick to trails and camp overnight right
  3. Stash your trash and pick up waste
  4. Leave it as you find it
  5. Be careful with fire
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors

Over the years we have built up good relations with our local suppliers and we are keen to support local businesses as much as possible. We are a small company and we pay our local partners and suppliers directly insuring fair rates.

Our small group sizes not only provide a more intimate adventure but also cause less impact on the environment and local communities.

We expect all who travel with us to support and uphold our Sustainable Tourism philosophies.
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Mon agent local

  • Outdoor activities enthusiast
  • Adventure travel expert
  • Graduated with a UK First Class Honours Degree in Outdoor Leadership
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Baie de Disko
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10 jours
A partir de 1 995 €

Points forts

  • Our smooth logistics and detailed flexible itinerary
  • Boat trips with whales and icebergs; Disko Bay: Ilulissat and its ice fjord; Rodebay, Eqi Glacier and Disko Island
  • 2 nights in a chalet with views of Eqi Glacier

Niveau requis

This is your adventure, you can choose how strenuous or how relaxing each day is. Challenging hikes in Greenlands remote wilderness and relaxing days cruising through the seas with icebergs and whales equally possible.
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