Sea kayaking

Kayaks were originally crafted and used in Greenland over 4000 years ago for hunting and transportation and kayaking remains an important part of Inuit culture today. Our stable modern sea kayaks are very different from the boats originally used here but the unbeatable experience of paddling silently among icebergs, arctic seals and maybe even whales remains the same.

Sea kayaking enables us to intimately explore the beautiful untouched Greenlandic wilderness like no other form of transport. Our experience and expertise enable us to run a variety of paddling adventures in this remote location. We want to share our love of kayaking in Greenland with everyone from the experienced paddler to those who have never sat in a kayak before.
Our sea kayaks

Our sea kayaks

Our modern sea kayaks were chosen carefully. They are stable, comfortable, suitable for first time kayakers and appropriate for our more extreme kayaking expeditions. They are suitable for all sea conditions and are surprisingly easy to right, regardless of the sea conditions in the unlikely event of capsize our professional guides would be back on board and paddling in no time.