Whale Watching

Greenlands Whales

Eyes and ears alert and attentive, scanning the waters for signs of movement, hearing nothing but your pounding heart then, bam, that unmistakable sound of a whale exhaling at the waters surface breaks the silence and you catch a glimpse... And it's breathtaking,... You suddenly realise how small you are and you gaze in awe, lost for words...

Greenland is a fantastic destination for whale watching, depending on the conditions and time of year you can expect to see humpback, minke and fin whales and maybe even beluga and narwhals! As well as hikes to destinations locals refer to as whale watching observation points we offer boat tours and the chance to sea kayak near the majestic mammals. Of course we take care to have respectful observation of those animals in order to respect them and their habitats.
Wild Whales

Wild Whales

Please note that we take our Responsible Tourism policies very seriously. We only work with reputable local whale watching companies and our guides/skippers who lead our kayaking and sailing expeditions are experts in marine life. When we venture into whale territory we are always cautious, these intelligent giants deserve the upmost respect we will only approach them if it is appropriate.