Equipment Rental and Logistics

Our experienced team have been designing and running trips in Greenland for years, between us we have sampled nearly all of the local food options, walked, skiied and kayaked countless routes and tested practically every accommodation choice. We have a bountiful supply of high quality, well stored equipment at hand and are based in-country; with us you have no need for a middlemen or their extortionate fees.


We operate in both summer and winter months across the country from Disko Bay to East Greenland and the Polar Circle.

Boat Transportation

We can arrange passenger, luggage and sea kayak transportation by boat from a range of locations of which our most popular is Ilulissat. We support local companies rather than mass tourism and use only certified skippers; we take our Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Policies seriously particularly when it comes to Greenlands whales. Please note that travelling by boat in Greenland can be dangerous, the sea conditions here are notoriously changeable, whether or not you book through us please be sure to choose a company with many years of experience, an impeccable knowledge of the local area does not go a miss!

Snowmobile Transportation

There are very few countries where you can enjoy snowmobiling as a method of transport! Whether you need a short transfer or want to head deep into the wilderness for an expedition, we can help you. Generally we operate with one snowmobile per two people; the driver needs a valid driviers licence.

Dogsled Transportation

Dog-sledding is a main form of transport for many Greenlanders - learn to drive the Inuit way with our local guides! From overnight expeditions into the wilderness to short half day transfers we can help you book a most Greenlandic form of transportation. Please note that we only work with reputable companies and kennels which are subject to regular inspections.

Tailor-made Guided Expeditions

Our qualified guides are incredibly experienced. They are experts of this dangerous isolated country and can help turn the expedition of your dreams into a reality. Fully equipped and trained against Polar Bears, our guides skill, knowledge and experience will keep you safe. A guide with a map and basic mountaineering skills is one thing but a guide with our values who also knows the route, the area and all its hidden gems is something else... We can help you with anything from an overnight sea kayaking adventure for all the family to a month long cross country skiing expedition for you and your partner...

Equipment Rental

From our Ilulissat basecamp you can rent the following expedition equipment. Everything is stored carefully, full records of previous usage are kept and all of our equipment is subject to regular safety checks. Please contact us for more information, availability and prices.

Sea Kayak Rental

Our modern two person sea kayaks are stable, comfortable and suitable for Greenlands rather specific sea conditions. They have space to store your expedition equipment and are available to rent both long term and short term. Transportation, maps and advice also available.

Kayaking Equipment

From spray decks and paddles to dry suits and waterproof containers, we can provide everything you need for a safe and successful Greenland kayaking expedition.

Camping Equipment

We have a vast array of camping equipment available for rent for all of Greenlands seasons. From quality 3 man tents to cooking gear and warm sleeping equipment, we have got you covered.


Contact us for more information about logistics and our equipment hiring options. As well as practical skills and relevant knowledge, smooth logistics and high quality equipment are crucial for successful expeditions in this remote polar environment.
We want to help - stay safe, warm and on schedule - travel the Altaï way.