Trekking in the Great East of Greenland

Trekking in the Great East of Greenland

Join us on an exceptional wilderness immersion adventure in the most isolated and mountainous part of Greenland. During this 9 day trek we venture deep into the untouched land of rugged peaks and giant iceberg-filled fjords. Our carefully planned itinerary combines hiking with boat trips to fully explore this spectacular area from icebergs and whales to tundra fields and ridges...


  • Day 1 Welcome to Greenland!

    Welcome to Greenland! We will greet you at the airport and entertain you with tales of local myths and legends as we journey to our camping location for the night. A short cruise on a small boat among icebergs through the distinctive narrow fjord Ikaasatsivaq to Ammassalik will lead us to a cosy secluded bay where we will set up camp. We will spend two nights here nestled into the rugged landscape with spectacular views of Icebergs and sharp peaks.

    Accommodation: Camping

  • Day 2 Ikaasatsivaq Fjord

    Ikaasatsivaq Fjord Today we will explore the untamed wilderness surrounding our basecamp. We will walk in the glacial valley and a short off-trail climb will lead us to stunning views of the geographical features that characterize this remote area. Observe the local wildlife, discover Arctic vegetation and learn about the history of the area before heading back to camp to help prepare a delicious meal.

    Accommodation: Camping Walking time: 5 hrs

  • Day 3 Amitsvartivit Peaks

    Amitsvartivit Peaks Time to say goodbye to our home for the last two nights and head to a new campsite at the foot of the dramatic Amitsvartivit Fjord. Our walk today has stunning views and a short climb will give us a first sighting of the breathtaking Sermilik Fjord with its thousands of icebergs. Keep your eyes open for local wildlife as we journey deeper into the captivating landscape of Eastern Greenland.

    Accommodation: Camping walking time: 7 hrs

  • Day 4 Amitsvartivit - Parmagaji

    Amitsvartivit - Parmagaji The walk from Amitsvartivit to Parmagaji provides a unique insight into Inuit culture and a chance to further explore the changing landscape around us. Today we will journey through a beautiful valley with un-spoilt lakes and stunning mountainous views to a traditional Inuit hunters hut. Tonight we will set up camp on the edge of Sermilik Fjord - a location second to none!

    Accommodation: Camping Walking time: 5 hrs

  • Days 5 to 6 Sermilik Fjord

    Sermilik Fjord Two days in the vast and magical area of Sermilik Fjord with plenty of options. Maybe you just want to sit and watch the icebergs float by or perhaps you want to embark on a more challenging adventure. There are lots of possibilities including beautiful short walks and day hikes in the surrounding mountains as well as the opportunity to cross the Igassalak valley and get close to the glacial tongue. The next two days are an opportunity to explore this spectacular location however you wish with help from our knowledgeable guides.

    Accommodation: Camping Walking time: 6 hrs

  • Day 7 Tinitequilaq - Crossing the Icefjord Sermelik - Peterson Fiord

    Tinitequilaq - Crossing the Icefjord Sermelik - Peterson Fiord We dismantle the camp, then board towards the Inuit village of Tinitequilaq (150 inhabitants). Located on a point, this isolated traditional village with its brightly coloured wooden houses has an undeniable charm.
    We then cross the Sermilik Fiord to reach our bivouac site in Peterson Fiord. This crossing is a highlight of the trip as our pilot waves between icebergs and ice sheets to get closer to the ice cap and its huge glaciers continuously pouring icebergs into the fjord. It is a privileged opportunity to observe the marine fauna. Installation of the camp for 3 nights facing the ice sheet.

    Accommodation: Camping

  • Days 8 to 9 Johan Peterson Fjord

    We discover the wild and isolated Johan Peterson Fiord on foot, sometimes by the seaside to observe icebergs and whales, sometimes by the peaks to get closer to the glaciers. From the summits, the view is extraordinary. We dominate the entire fjord and the view of the polar cap is incredible. We are in a world marked by ice and rock and only the whales that pass in front of our camp disturb the tranquility of this place.

    Accommodation: Camping Walking time: 5 hrs

  • Day 10 Johan Peterson Fjord - Ikateq - Tasiilaq

    We embark to Ikateq, an Inuit village now abandoned and frozen in the past, where we stop if conditions allow, before reaching the colourful village of Tasilaaq (Angmassalik), the capital of the Angmassalik district. It is not uncommon during this navigation to meet humpback whales, as well as whales

    Accommodation: Camping

  • Day 11 Tasiilaq - hiking in the Valley of Flowers

    Discovery of the village of Tasiilaq, where Paul Emile Victor spent his first winter in 1934. Then we will hike in the valley of flowers that dominates this village at the end of the world. Last night camping in Greenland.

    Accommodation: Camping Walking time: 4 hrs

  • Day 12 Helicopter flight to Kulusuk and Farewell Greenland

    Early morning tidying up of the camp and then we board for a spectacular helicopter flight over the icebergs towards Kulusu.
    Helicopter flight is subject to availability upon confirmation of travel. If there is no more availability, the transfer will be made by boat.
    From Kulusuk airport onwards tavel home layover in Nuuk, Greenland or Reykjavik (Iceland) (flights not included)

The details in this programme are updated regularly but imponderables and unpredictable circumstances may result in inaccuracies. In order to provide the adventure which is best suited to your demands, the weather and the operational conditions, changes to the itinerary may be made. For safety reasons, we reserve the rights to interrupt your participation at any time if your technical level or fitness is deemed unsuitable or if you are seen as a danger to yourself or to those around you. This will in no case give rise to refunds or compensation.

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Dates & prices

International departures:

From To Price per person Guaranteed Booking
€3,800 No Book now!
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€3,990 No Book now!
€3,800 No Book now!
€3,800 No Book now!
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€3,990 No Book now!
€3,800 No Book now!

Trip code: EGRO


  • All in-country transfers as detailed in itinerary
  • Accommodation as detailed in itinerary
  • Full board (except the last evening meals)
  • Full supervision by a qualified expert guide
  • Two scenic boat trips with a chance to see whales
  • Guided hikes in one of the most remote and inaccessible locations in the world
  • Two days to fully explore the famous Sermilik Fjord
  • Free walking tours of Inuit settlements and Kulusuk
  • All technical camping equipment

Not included

  • Registration fee: €18 (free for under 12s)
  • International flights
  • Insurance


For many years, we put our know-how and our experience of nature and adventure travel in Greenland to the service of travelers from different horizons. You may find yourself in an international group with participants from our various partners.
Comfort - 1/5 Camping
We provide a 3 man dome tent per 2 people for maximum space and comfort. For our basecamps we set up a fully equipped mess tent for meal times, including a table and stools. We are proud of our high quality camping equipment and take care to monitor and store everything correctly. This trip also includes cabin accommodation with shared sleeping arrangements and facilities.
Level - 4/5 Demanding
You should be in good physical shape and prepared for adventure; a positive attitude and love of the outdoors is essential. Please note that our difficulty ratings may vary depending on the weather. Physically you should be able to participate in 4-7 hours of hiking per day. This is a camping adventure and please note that your help with tasks like cooking is much appreciated and expected - we want you to be a part of our team.

Terms and conditions

Please see our terms and conditions and information for insurances by clicking the following link:

Practical info


You will be welcomed at the airport by a representative from our friendly team and accompanied for the duration of your holiday. Armed with an abundance of experience and a wealth of expert knowledge our professional Greenland team know the country inside out. All activities are lead by our qualified guides. They are all English speaking outdoor practitioners with a passion for everything Greenlandic. Please note that this adventure takes place in an isolated polar environment which can be hostile - your guide will explain safety rules which must be followed.


This trip includes full board - we are proud of the varied, fresh and frankly delicious food we provide even when camping. Meals are based on a selection of local products and you will have the opportunity to try Greenlandic delicacies such as cod, arctic char and mussels.

Each day will start with a hearty breakfast accompanied by plenty of tea and coffee. Then you will help prepare and carry a own picnic lunch for the day featuring an array of options - everyday there will definitely be salad, sandwiches, hot drinks and cakes among the other options. Each evening meal will include three courses- we try to offer fresh fruit and vegetables everyday in spite of our Northern location.

Please note that your help in the kitchen is expected and much appreciated, particularly in the evenings. We like when the whole group work as a team to cook dinner, it creates a pleasant atmosphere as we reflect on the days adventures together. Please let us know about any dietary requirements when you book the trip and we will work with you to cater for your needs.


Wild Camping
We provide quality 3 man dome tents, 1 per 2 people for maximum space and comfort plus a spacious fully equipped mess tent complete with a table and stools for communal moments and mealtimes.

This trip also includes a night in basic cabin accommodation with shared facilities.


In Greenland we use local boats, specially adapted for ice navigation, to cross fjords.

Budget & exchange

The currency in Greenland is the Danish Krone (DKK)
Please budget for meals in  Kulusuk (200-500DKK). Alcohol is very expensive in Greenland, if you want to enjoy an evening drink after your days adventures, we recommend buying Duty Free alcohol in the airport.


Although the custom is not widespread here, if you are satisfied with the services of your guide, tipping is always appreciated - it is not obligatory and should be left to the discretion of each individual.

Supplied equipment

We provide you with the technical equipment you will need for this adventure including:
  • 3 man dome tents (1 per 2 people for maximum space and comfort)
  • Self-inflating sleeping mat
  • A mess tent with table, stools and cooking equipment

Vital equipment

  • Sleeping bag (comfort 0°C)
  • Walking boots (sturdy, ankle support, vibram soles)
  • Waterproof jacket (with a hood)
  • Waterproof trousers
  • A warm jumper or two
  • Suitable underwear, t-shirts and walking trousers
  • Thermals - tops & long johns
  • A swimsuit
  • Warm gloves and hat (even in the summer - evenings can be chilly)
  • Sunhat and sun cream
  • Sunglasses (UV 400)
  • Any personal medication
  • Fast drying towel & toiletries
  • Water bottle(s) min 2L
  • A small rucksack to use as a day bag
  • Warm pyjamas
  • Head torch & spare batteries (although it is nearly always light in the summer months)


We prefer that you do not wear cotton clothing, including underwear, when participating in activities. When cotton gets wet from water or sweat it ceases to insulate and it does not dry fast. The best materials for outdoor activities are fast drying materials like polyester or materials which are warm when wet like wool. The most powerful materials against the wind and rain are 'breathable' materials like Gore-Tex or Nikwax.

Our advice for keeping warm
It can be cold in Greenland, please think carefully about what clothes you bring, the layers you wear next to your skin make the biggest difference. We recommend wearing multiple layers including:
  1. A warm breathable base layer
  2. A second thermal layer
  3. Wind and waterproof protective outer layers

Helpful equipment

You may also consider packing
  • Your camera
  • Binoculars
  • A notepad and pencil
  • A thermos flask
  • Plastic bags for wet/dirty clothing
  • A comfortable evening outfit
  • Walking poles
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Insect repellant
  • Blister plasters
  • Tissues


Please bring a small rucksack to use as a day bag - you will carry your lunch, water, spare layers and any personal medication with you each day when hiking. You will also need a larger bag to store your other clothes and belongings in, please ensure that this is a soft, easy to transport back like a ruckack. You will have to carry this bag for several metres when setting up camps. We recommend packing all of your clothes in plastic bags so that they stay dry in the event of wet weather.


Your guide is a trained first-aider and will carry a full first aid kit at all times during the trip. We recommend that you bring a small personal first aid kit containing any medication you may need such as inhalers, plasters, antiseptic and painkillers.


Most travellers require a passport that is valid for at least three months after the return date. It is your responsibility to confirm your specific passport requirements and please be aware that proof of onwards travel may be required.


Most travellers do not need a VISA to travel to Greenland but proof of onwards travel may be required. It is your responsibility to confirm your specific visa requirements.

Mandatory vaccines

There are no specific health risks.

Health information & recommendations

It is your responsibility to check that your personal health insurance covers everything in this trip. A consultation with your doctor is a prerequisite for any trip.


Year round the temperatures in Greenland can range from -25°C to more than 20°C (-13°F to +68°F). The air is low in humidity which means that the temperatures do not feel as cold as you might imagine and that the views are amazing, it appears that you can see further. Generally speaking Greenland is not very windy and the warmest months are June - August.

The length of the day varies significantly throughout the year. The shortest day of the year is 21st December with no sunlight! The longest day, with 24 hours of sunlight, is 20th June. You can see the midnight sun from May - July and the Northern Lights in the darker months.


Greenland uses Northern European electrical standards (50Hz/220 volts)  and the standard Europlug socket with two round prongs.

Local time

Most of Greenland uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)/ Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) -3; most areas observe Daylight Saving Time (DST).


Area: 836,300 mi²
Population: 56,186 inhabitants (2016)
Capital: Nuuk
Languages: Kalaallisut or West Greenlandic, Danish is also widely used
Regime: Part of the Kingdom of Denmark but politically autonomous

Part of the continent of North America, Greenland is the largest island on Earth and it is covered by the largest ice sheet in the world outside of antarctica.

Sustainable tourism

As adventure and wilderness travel experts who run trips to some of the most remote parts of the world, we take responsible tourism very seriously.

We respect the ‘Leave No Trace’ outdoor ethical code and try to explore this beautiful location whilst causing minimal environmental damage.

The Leave No Trace policy can be summarized in 7 simple steps which we hope you will follow during ourtrip...
  1. Be prepared
  2. Stick to trails and camp overnight right
  3. Stash your trash and pick up waste
  4. Leave it as you find it
  5. Be careful with fire
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors

Over the years we have built up good relations with our local suppliers and we are keen to support local businesses as much as possible. We are a small company and we pay our local partners and suppliers directly insuring fair rates.

Our small group sizes not only provide a more intimate adventure but also cause less impact on the environment and local communities.

We expect all who travel with us to support and uphold our Sustainable Tourism philosophies.
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East Greenland
Hiking Summer
12 days
4 to 12 people
From €3,650


  • Hikes with experienced professional guides in some of the most remote and inaccessible locations in the world
  • Two days to fully explore the famous Sermilik Fjord plus visit Tasiilaq & Kulusuk
  • Boat trips with whale watching opportunities 

Required level

This trip is accessible to anyone in good health with a sense of adventure and a positive attitude. Physically you should be able to participate in 4-7 hours of hiking per day. This is a camping adventure and please note that your help with tasks like cooking is much appreciated and expected - we want you to be a part of our team.
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